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Educator Role in Designing Meaningful Engagement through Distance Learning

Distance and remote learning in the Township of Franklin will use a combination of current curriculum materials and resources together with district approved supplemental materials that will be delivered through familiar technology tools. As lessons are created, and meaningful student engagement is considered, lesson design should take into consideration virtual learning experiences that will effectively support students who are not present in the classroom.

Township of Franklin educators are tasked with providing students with content specific lessons with the purpose of improving student knowledge in that content area.  In addition, educators will consider meaningful engagement by planning and organizing appropriate resources to support the instructional design while reaching a variety of learning styles. When planning for distance learning, educators will also need to consider the various means by which students will have opportunities to demonstrate their learning.  Educators will need to reflect on the content of their virtual toolboxes, selecting those items that will best support the intended learning outcomes for their students.  Educators of the Township of Franklin have many familiar curricular resources available through the district webpage, the instructional coaches, and in the content area Google Drives.  

Communication is another key detail in the distance learning process. Great consideration has also been given to the communication process.  The questions of when and how students and their guardians will receive direction and expectations regarding online class time, content, activities, and work load need to be clear.  Students need to be equipped to meet the requirements of their virtual learning.  Township of Franklin educators have will utilize a variety of paths of communication to ensure that our students will have the tools for success.  These methods may include familiar electronic communication e.g. email, Google Classroom, Class Dojo, etc. 

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