Parents for Positive Change


Parents for Positive Change: A Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

Parents for Positive Change is a special education advisory committee made up of parents who want to have a voice for their children in the school district.

Although our group’s mission is to collaborate with parents, educators and our community in providing positive change for all our children with special educational needs, our group takes into consideration so much more. We offer emotional support for our parents, fun outings for our children and families such as bowling, hayrides and meet and greets, as well as providing speakers, such as a special needs attorney discussing planning for the future, seminars on how to be a partner with your school in writing your child’s IEP and my personal favorite……..Mom’s Night Out!!!

CAPRI SUN FUNDRAISER – How your family can participate: Collect all empty Capri Sun drink packages minus the straw, in a plastic bag. When you are ready to send them to the school, mark the bag with your child’s name, teacher and the number of packages in the bag so they can be tallied for future prizes. The students will continue to collect throughout the school year.

Our group meets every second Tuesday of the month at the Administration Building located on Coles Mill Road (across from the Mary F. Janvier School. We would love to have you be a part of this fantastic group.