School Closing and Emergency Information

School Closing Number: 813

In the case of an emergency closing or delay, The Township of Franklin Public Schools will send an automated phone message through our “School Messenger” system. Parents are advised to notify the district with any changes in personal phone information.

In addition to the use of our automated phone message system, word of school closings will be sent to the following:


The Township of Franklin Schools has established a memorandum of Agreement with the Township of Franklin Police Department. This agreement allows both parties to share information and work together in order to optimize the safety of all occupants within our school district. The TFPD also routinely collaborates with the district regarding school safety and security procedures, analysis of drills, and by conducting safety surveys.

Below you will find a link regarding information pertaining to the district’s reunification process and how to add additional cellular telephone devices into the text messaging alert feature through School Messenger.

Reunfication Parent Letter


The Township of Franklin Schools would like to remind all parents of the district’s school visitor procedures. All visitors to any of the district’s three schools are kindly asked to enter the school building through the main office. Working along with the Township of Franklin Police, district personnel designed standardized questions that the main office staff will ask those who are attempting to enter the school building during the school day. Upon entering, all visitors must sign in at the main office and obtain a visitor’s badge, which must be worn during the entire duration in the school building. Those who are attempting to pick-up a child are required to present photo identification before the child will be released to the pre-determined person. Visitors are asked to sign out of the building at the main office at the conclusion of their visit to the school. Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures and keeping our schools safe.”

District Policies:

FAQs about School Security Drills

Question: What are school security drills?

Answer: School security drills are an exercise, other than a fire drill, to practice procedures that have people respond to an emergency situation including, but not limited to, a non-fire evacuation, lockdown, or active shooter situation and that is similar in duration to a fire drill.
Question: How many drills are required per academic year?
Answer: As of November 1, 2009, every school in New Jersey is required to hold a least one fire drill and one school security drill each month within the school hours, including any summer months during which school is open for instructional programs.
Question: What types of drills are required?
Answer: During the academic year schools are required to hold a minimum of two of each of the following security drills: Active Shooter; Evacuation (non-fire); Bomb Threat; and Lockdown.
Question: What other types of school security drills can be held?
Answer: The following are examples of other security drills that schools can hold: Shelter-in-Place; Reverse Evacuation; Evacuation to Relocation Site; Testing of School Notification System and Procedures; Testing of School's Communication System and Procedures; Tabletop Exercise; and Full-Scale Exercise.

Question: When are school security drills required to be conducted?
Answer: As of November 1, 2010, every school is required to hold monthly school security drill during school hours, including any summer months during which the school is open for instructional programs.
Per Chapter 4 of the New Jersey Fire Code; 408.3.1 First emergency evacuation drill. The first emergency evacuation drills of each school year shall be conducted within 10 days of the beginning of classes.
As of September 2011, schools are required to conduct a school security drill within the first 15 days of the beginning of the school year.
Question: Who is required to participate in school security drills?
Answer: All building occupants are required to participate in drills. However, two (2) of the eight (8) mandatory drills DO NOT have to include students.
Question: How long should a school security drill take?
Answer: A school security drill is similar in duration to a Fire Drill.