Odyssey of the Mind 2016

Odyssey of the Mind 2016

Odyssey of the mind was an amazing experience for some of the students at Caroline L. Reutter School. As students that were involved in Odyssey, we think that it is extremely hard work to solve the problem that is given, but in the end it is all worth it. Just a few days ago, our competition took place at the Woodstown Schools and Shoemaker Elementary School. That is where we were able to display our efforts towards the problem this year.

This all started in September, when the students were able to form their teams and choose their problem from a certain list. Our particular group consisted of, Alex Baldosaro, Katelin Burton, Brandon Haferl, Tyler Diaz, Cassidy Driscoll, Alex King, and Zach Polo. We picked problem one, “No Cycle Re- Cycle.” Our problem was to build a car with a device that could repurpose items. We also had to have a script and props along with the vehicle and device. The competition was a long day, and was fun!

Along with the long-term problem the team gets, there is something called spontaneous. In spontaneous, teams must answer the question given. The team will either get verbal, hands on, or verbal hands on. Most of the time, this is the thing that destroys teams scores. People don’t take it as seriously because they usually haven’t been doing this all year, they have been working on their long-term. No teams from our school will be moving to states, but some of them came extremely close to making it. Sixth Grade teams both came close with No Cycle Recycle in fourth place with 1.4 points away from third. The other sixth grade group that did well was Aesop’s Fables who came in fifth place.

Teamwork is one of the most important traits to have in Odyssey of the Mind.You need to have intelligence, common sense, have a work ethic to be part of Odyssey. Most people that are in Odyssey of the Mind will tell you it’s one of the hardest things they have ever done. We believe it to be like a challenge you are given, and you must finish it by the competition. It’s fun to be with your friends and even meet some new people you haven’t talked to that much in school when you get your groups. The competition is always fun and exciting, and even if you do lose you can keep trying every year to achieve your new goal.

-Alex Baldasaro and Katelin Burton