Reutter School Talent Show 2016

Reutter School Talent Show 2016

Over one quarter of the student body participated in this year’s sixth annual CL Reutter School talent show on January 28 at Delsea Reg. High School. A variety of talents were on display that evening through the 39 different performances ranging from dancing / gymnastics, singing, and drawing. Great job to all of the participants!

Below were the winners of this year’s talent show:

First Place: “The 1989 Aerobics Team” Ian Hoban, Ariana DeGeorge, Kelli Tipton, Lexi Whittland, Sadie Parks, Josh Gardella, Dom Piraino, Shane Fennimore, and Christian Gaetano

Second Place: KelliAnn Freeman

Third Place: Christoan Rode, Ben Zaccarria, Matthew Bianco, and Antione Henrickson

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