About Us - District History

The Township of Franklin Public Schools has a long rich history. The township itself was formed by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on January 27, 1820, from portions of Greenwich Township and Woolwich Township. Parts of the township have been taken to form Clayton Township (February 5, 1858) and Newfield (March 8, 1924).

As depicted in the following pictures, school buildings located in what now is Franklin Township predate the formation of the township. Although it is very difficult to identify an exact establishment date, local historians claim the Township of Franklin School District was officially formed in the year 1900. In 2008, the district held a 108th year anniversary celebration. The pictures below show both current and former Township of Franklin educational buildings. Each picture contains a caption that briefly describes the history of the individual building. For further information on the history of the Township of Franklin and the township’s school systems, please visit the Betty Bajewicz Historical Center located inside the township community center.

(*special note of appreciation to local historian Gretchen McLain for providing the pictures and the historical information)