Annual School Budget

Comparative Spending Guide:  The report of educational spending has been relabeled as the Taxpayer’s Guide to Educational Spending and is published each year by the Department of Education.  The Township of Franklin school district is one of (56) fifty six K-6 districts in the State.  The report compares spending of these school districts among this group.  To access these report, please visit the below website:

DOE Tax Payers’ Guide to Educational Spending

Voting Information

Township of Franklin Board of Education moves school election

Like many schools throughout New Jersey, the Township of Franklin Board of Education voted  to move its annual school board election from April to November.  According to legislation signed into law on January 17, 2012, voters will not be responsible for voting on the school budget if the tax levy does not exceed the imposed two percent cap.

Voter Registration – For information on voter registration click here.

Vote by Mail Ballot Application – For information on Vote by Mail and to obtain application, please click here.

NJ Senior Property Tax Reimbursement Program -  For more information on qualifying and filing for a tax freeze please click here.