Teacher/Principal Evaluation

Teacher/Principal Evaluation

Teacher Evaluations:

As part the federal requirements for states’ receiving funding under Phase 2 of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Program, all school districts in New Jersey are providing information to the public on the procedures they use to evaluate teachers and principals. The information presented below will help you understand Franklin Township’s policies and procedures for evaluating teachers and educational specialists such as librarians and counselors.

Confidentiality Concerns:
To protect the confidentiality of individual evaluations, districts are not required to provide a district-level statistical summary of teacher evaluation outcomes in those cases where there are fewer than 10 teachers in an entire district. Similarly, districts are not required to provide a school-level statistical summary of teacher evaluation outcomes if there are fewer than 10 teachers or principals in a school. For this reason, a statistical summary of principal evaluation outcomes is not provided.

Section 1. Description of Teacher Evaluation System

The Franklin Township Board of Education believes that the effective evaluation of
teaching staff is essential to the achievement of the educational goals of this district,
including student achievement of the Core Curriculum Content Standards. The purpose of
this evaluation shall be to promote professional excellence and improve the skills of
teaching staff members, improve pupil learning and growth, and provide a basis for the
review of staff performance.

The teacher evaluation process includes but is not limited to the following evidence:
formal observation using Charlotte Danielson’s Teacher Evaluation Framework, walk-through observations, pre and post observation conference, teacher and student work samples, teacher’s professional development plan, progress in completing professional development hours, and teacher self-evaluation. The results of the teacher evaluation system are used to plan professional development opportunities and to inform a teacher’s professional development plan, tenure decisions, recommendations for continued employment, selection of teachers for specific roles or duties, teacher placement decisions, and decisions on teacher awards or recognitions. Teaching staff members shall be observed and evaluated in accordance with Achieve NJ.

Section 2. Evaluation Outcome Tables

Franklin Township School District Teacher Evaluation Results


Number of Teachers Meeting Criteria

Total Number of Teachers

Percent Meeting Criteria

Mary F. Janvier School




Main Road School




Caroline L. Reutter School